Quinoa Cakes

I love finding recipes that look delicious, easy to make and then when I make them- actually are delicious and easy to make! These quinoa cakes were exactly that.


On my quest to save some money and not eat out/order in as much, I pin so many recipes. I came across this one last night and wanted to make it immediately. Luckily I had almost all the ingredients except an egg. Once I obtained the egg (it’s nice to have friendly neighbors) I whipped this recipe up in no time. They are crunchy and delicious, filling too!


They are reminiscent of latkes, one of my all time favorite food but with a healthy-ish twist. I even had the ingredients to whip up the lemon-garlic aioli to go with the cakes. I adjusted the quantity of ingredients based on what I had and it made 5 hockey puck sized cakes with one tiny cake. I recommend this recipe but also to add different types of ingredients to tweak the flavor and texture!

recipe inspiration courtesy of: spoonforkbacon.com


Seizing The Salad

I’ve been talking about this blog for years now*, so what’s a better opportunity to start blogging then a new year? As I get more settled in my “dream job”, I am enjoying finding and cooking new and exciting recipes! In search for a hobby, starting a blog seemed to always be the answer for me.

Some other challenges I’m looking forward to exploring on this blog is stretching ingredients I usually use for one recipe to multiple recipes. Ingredients such as green onions, herbs, yogurt, and certain cheeses. Old school recipes from my grandmother’s cookbook and maybe some out-of-my-comfort-zone international cuisine.

Who knows what else I will come across while blogging but I am excited to find out! Hope you’ll enjoy reading it too! To get started here are some of my favorite food memories of 2015:


*Note on perfection: Some wise friends told me you got to start somewhere. I was hesitant for a long time to start blogging because it wasn’t going to be “perfect”. I am not a pro photographer nor is my wallet bursting at the seams to hire one, this blog is for fun and exploration, perfect need not apply.